Product Highlights

ComfortContact™ CC6
Harmonic Comfort Chamber: Eliminates noise levels
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UltraContact™ UC6
Diamond Edge Technology: Maximized road contact when braking
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MaxContact™ MC6
Chevron Grip Elements for handling and wet braking
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SportContact™ 6
Black Chili for maximum grip in all directions enables supreme driving experience
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ContiSportContact™ 5
Excellent road grip and handling just as safety when cornering
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ContiSportContact™ 5P
Perfect steering precision and sporty handling
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ContiPremiumContact™ 5
Perfect grip and optimal handling in every driving situation
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ContiEcoContact™ 5
High braking safety and short braking distances on wet roads
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ContiSportContact™ 3
Excellent safety when driving at speed
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CrossContact™ ATR
Additional off-road traction and grip
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Excellent noise levels and comfort in on-road use
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CrossContact™ UHP
Short braking distances and high cornering stability
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CrossContact™ LX Sport
Excellent braking performance on dry and wet roads
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ContiCrossContact™ LX 2
Excellent dry and wet braking performance and very good handling properties
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ContiCrossContact™ AT
Especially good directional stability and smooth running performance
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VanContact™ AP
High durability in challenging road conditions
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ContiVanContact™ 100
High level of efficiency thanks to higher mileage
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